Young Writers ‘Wonderland’ competition

This is Reece Simmonite’s entry to the Young Writers ‘Wonderland’ competition.  Pupils were asked to create a new world in 100 words.

Reece received a commendation for his entry.

The Creation of Gongolia

In the beginning there was nothing but swirling chaos, until the Creator, Tunle, manifested himself.  He created Sanpoe, Kagnezza, Barbarenka and Rubycantez, as the elemental beings of earth, water, wind and fire respectively.  Sanpoe created the rocky earth, Kagnezza, the drowning sea.  Barbarenka gave rise to the howling winds, while Rubycantez arose the scorching fires.  The four archfiends then went into a deep slumber, as Tunle brought forth the great Shocodo bird, which laid two eggs, which contained the first man and the first woman.  And, since then, we have lived in a peaceful and harmonious civilisation of the ages.

Reece Simmonite 8SJW