Sesquicentenary Sports Weekend

One of the final events in the school's celebrations of the 150th anniversary of its foundation was a sports weekend running from Friday May 25 to Saturday May 27.
The weekend began with a cricket match at Upritchard Park between the 1st XI and the MCC. It was calculated that the MCC team contained 300 Irish caps! At lunch, the school and the MCC exchanged plaques. The day ended with a finger buffet in the school, at which the Captain of the 1st XI, Andrew Nixon, presented the MCC team with commemorative coasters. For the record, the MCC won comfortably.
On Saturday evening, 300 staff, former staff and old boys who had flown in from all over the UK and Europe, gathered in the Clandeboye Lodge Hotel for a Sportsman's Dinner. It was a glittering occasion, hosted by Colin Barclay. The speakers were Stephen Martin, former Captain of the Graet Britain Hockey team and Olympic gold medal winner, George Cameron, a former 1st XV coach, who had flown in especially from Australia to be there, Chris Harte, who has been on the staff for 35 years and who has coached hockey and cricket throughout that time, and Dick Milliken, former Irish Rugby international and British Lion. The renewal of old friendships and conviviality meant that the evening extended well into the early - and not so early - hours of Sunday morning.
On Sunday, the school ran a golf tournament at Clandeboye Golf Club, which, in  spite of uncongenial conditions, was a great success.