Senior Play: Woyzeck

The German playwright Georg Büchner never got to finish Woyzeck, let alone see it performed. He died of typhus in 1837, aged 23, leaving behind a sheaf of pages that wouldn't be assembled into a performable play until 1913.

Close to a century later, his fragmentary, elusive, jarringly poetic story of an ill-fated soldier and the woman he is driven to kill is regarded as the prototype of the Modern psychological drama.

As such, it's an endlessly tempting piece for directors attracted to its ambiguities, thematic riches and flexibility. Woyzeck is not so much a play to be performed as a problem in search of a solution.

This is an ideal opportunity for students and teachers to see a live production of this difficult and challenging play, performed by A-Level students from Bangor Grammar School and Glenlola Collegiate. The production runs from Tuesday 3rd December - Friday 6th December, at 7:30pm in the Atrium, Bangor Grammar School.