Sciya 2012

BGS Art heading Stateside

BGS recently secured a string of success in the Sister Cities International Young Artists Showcase, obtaining the accolades of first, second and highly commended in the regional heat of this acclaimed competition.

The showcase, coordinated locally by NDBC, encourages youth from around the globe to consider the honorable mission of Sister Cities International and express their interpretation of that mission promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, cooperation through one individual, one community at a time. Hundreds of artists have shared their talent with the sister cities community over the past 20 years.

Zac Wood obtained first place in the regional competition and his work was also commended. Conor Ardill was placed second and Dean Wilson was highly commended for his efforts.

Zac’s work will now heading to Washington DC to represent North Down at the international stage of the competition and will be touring around America.

Well done to all boys.