Safe Driving Competition

The school's now annual 'Safe Driving' competition took place on the evening of Monday April 30. Facilitated by the Traffic branch of the PSNI, the boys, all from the Upper Sixth, in teams of two, participated in a range of tests and tasks designed to develop skills and encourage safe driving. They were also tested on car safety and the Highway Code. The winners of the trophy, presented to the school by the PSNI, were John Cherry and Simon Cox. In an unofficial and informal staff competition which followed, the outright winner was Miss Claire Evans of the Music Department.
The school owes its thanks to the PSNI and their representatives who attended the competition, the staff, who manned and womaned the various stages throughout the long and increasingly chilly evening, and to Dr Margaret Faulkner who organised, administered, cajoled, encouraged and made the evening the undoubted success it was.