New School Special Buses

A limited number of special buses to the new school on Gransha Road will be provided by Translink. You will find details below.

The provision of special buses will be kept under review.


(i) Morning

 There will be three bus runs from the Bus and Railway Station to the new school. The first will leave the station at 8.10 depositing boys in the school grounds. It will then return to the station to pick up a second load, leaving the station at 8.35, reaching the school in time for registration at 8.50am.

There will be a second bus leaving at 8.35. This will have come in from Donaghadee and, once in the station, will become a bus which travels to the School. Boys coming in from Donaghadee will be able to stay on that bus.

The provisional route the bus will follow will be:

Upper Main Street

Lower Main Street

High Street

Bingham Street

Hamilton Road

Castle Street

Gransha Road.

If there is room, it will stop on the way to pick up pupils waiting at scheduled bus stops. Both the School and Translink will keep this route under review for the first term and it may be that adjustments to the route will be made.

There will also be a scheduled service bus, route number 302D, destination Rathgill, which will leave the station at 8.10 am.


(ii) Afternoon

There will be one bus which will make a series of runs from the School to the station from 3.20 pm until 4.30 pm. Boys who need to catch a 3.30 train or bus will be allowed out of last period class slightly early for a prompt departure.

The scheduled service bus, route number 302C from Bexley, will stop at the bus stop outside School at 3.45, 4.20, 4.45 and 5.15.

(iii) Fares

Pupils may use their school bus passes on all buses. Those without passes are encouraged to use a Translink Smartcard which offers considerable discount. These may be purchased at Bangor Station and ‘topped up’ on the buses themselves.