New School Development Given the Green LIght

On Thursday 5 August, the Minister of Education, Ms Caitriona Ruane, announced to our mingled astonishment and delight, that Bangor Grammar School, with twelve other primary and post-primary schools, had finally been allocated the funding to build its new school. After eight years of hard work and some disappointments, this was a great boost to our morale. It means that the first pupils will walk through the doors of the completed school at the beginning of 2013.

Much hard work lies ahead and, indeed, has already begun. The present College Avenue site will be placed on the market almost immediately; although we shall not be moving until 2013, the sale is very important to the funding of the project. The design and project mangement team is putting things in place to pick up the threads of the project put on hold back in January and important meetings are under way. It is hoped to appoint a contractor and start work on site towards the end of January 2011.

Watch this space for further news.