NI Drewett Book Award



The first Northern Ireland Drewett Book Award has been won by Derek Landy's The Faceless Ones, the third Skulduggery Pleasant book. After a very close vote, the winner was announced at the grand finale on 24th March. Derek Landy sent the following message:


"I’m sitting in my hotel room in Australia as I write this, the Sydney harbour stretching out beneath me and the sun streaming in through the window, and the only thing I want right now is to be back home in Ireland, where I could take a train up to you guys and personally tell you what an honour this is. I’ve seen the other books on the shortlist, and I’ve read a few of them, and I’ve loved them. The Graveyard Book is, in my opinion, a ferociously brilliant book, so to even be nominated alongside it was a thrill in itself. I never expected to win, and I’m quite stunned that I did, but this proves that you are obviously readers of tremendous taste and intelligence…!


Thank you so much, and I’m delighted to have won the Northern Ireland Book Award, and I hope to see you soon. "




The runner-up was Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. In third place was Sophie McKenzie's The Medusa Project: The Set Up.


The winner was announced at a special awards ceremony attended by local schools on March 24th 2010.

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