Colin commended for Learning for Life Project

Over the last year, Bangor Grammar School has been participating in the pilot launch of ‘Learning for Life’ programme. The vision of Learning for Life is to build and strengthen character by encouraging pupils to research the values such as courage, loyalty, generosity, concern for others and dedication.
Pupils complete a research project using the following website,, which contains quotations and the life stories of inspirational people who have overcome difficult circumstances on the path to success in life.

The top entries from the pilot schools were entered into a competition and judging of over 4500 entries from 16 different schools was carried out in June by a panel made up of Anne Hailes, Dame Mary Peters, Professor Alistair Fee and Phillip Rankin (Learning for Life).

The awards ceremony took place in Stormont buildings on 22nd June 2009. The awards were divided into two sections, Year 8-10 and Year 11-13. Colin Fisher was commended for his entry in the Year 8-10 category, which placed him among the top 5 entries in his age group. This was a great achievement as only ten pupils were presented with awards from the 4500 entries submitted to the competition in Northern Ireland.