The sun was shining early on Wednesday 24th June when Mark Tolson appeared at the door with his carefully prepared Totilla de Patatas in hand. It was clear from that moment on that it would be a competitive morning! The rest of the class filtered in bringing with them Tortillas (Spanish omelettes) of all shapes, sizes and even colours. Tension was rising as the identity of the judges was about to be revealed. Our distinguished judges arrived- they were Mrs Crawford (the presentation expert) and the spectacularly fussy Mrs Quinn (the taste expert). All the tortillas were laid out on the desks in a semi circle and Mrs Crawford chose the top five for presentation: the front runners at this stage of the tight competition were Scott Hamill (much to his surprise!), Patrick Hodgen, Simon Brackenridge, Josh McCluskie and Teddy Pilgrim. Then it was Mrs Quinn’s turn to step up to the plate. After much deliberation Teddy Pilgrim was crowned the Tortilla King and presented with a well deserved packet of Haribo. Thanks to all those who took part. It was a rewarding a fun morning for all involved.

Not to be outdone, class 9R6 today entered the battle for the crown of Tortilla King... astutely judged by the two Miss Chapman's the winner was declared as Aaron Davison.
Mrs M. Sheeran