CCF Easter Camp 2009- Capel Curig (Wales)

Andrew Beech and Richard Best Bangor CCF
Early on the morning the 1st of April, 40 cadets from both the Army and the Royal Navy sections of the CCF

set of for Capel Curig in Wales. After a mere 8 hour bus journey we arrived at Capel Curig in a drowsy and confused state. However it was not long before planning for the weeks activates had begun. During the weeks each of the 3 divisions: Dragon, Daring and Diamond (all names of the new type 45 destroyers) would be involved in 3 activates: a climb up Mount Snowdon, a day spent at the climbing centre and a day of canoeing and kayaking.
On the first day, my division (Daring) attempted the climb up Mount Snowdon. It was a very challenging trek with many members of the group describing it has the hardest experience of their lives. Weather denied us the opportunity to go up Crib-Goch, which had a 600ft drop on either side!! Against all odds, every member of the division made the summit and shortly after we arrived the weather cleared giv

ing brilliant views all over the Snowdonia area. It was a brilliant day made all the better by the fact I was celebrating my 16th birthday, I can think of worse ways of celebrating than climbing the highest mountain in Wales!
On the Friday, we awoke early in order to head out toward the climbing centre. After a quick bus journey and a short stop in a near by town we arrived for fun filled day of wall climbing. Despite a number of the group not having a head for heights, we all enjoyed this experience greatly with only one or two minor injures. All members of the division were giving the opportunity to both climb the walls and belay for others.
Are final activity was a day spent at the canoeing and kayaking centre at Llanberis. The division was split in half and alternated between the two activities, the canoeing involved paddling up river and on the way attempted to use a tarpaulin as a sail (som

e more successful than others!) For the second half of the day we attempted kayaking unlike the other half of the group we remained largely dry with no capsizes, quite an achievement considering that most of the other half of our group had capsized more than twice.
That evening we had a leaving celebration; with all the groups combined we went for dinner in the luxurious MacDonald’s restaurant. Afterwards made our way to the cinema watching a horror movie that had a large variety of effects on people; some not being able to watch because of fear and some finding the film absolutely hilarious. On our return to Capel Curig we had the awards ceremony for best male and female cadet in each section and overall best cadet.
On the next day we woke early and drove home reminiscing on the fun and excitement we had in Capel Curig.