Beechfield Children's Respite Unit Need Your Help

Beechfield Children’s Respite Unit, ‘Play Haven Project’ in Conlig Bangor has won a place on the final list of projects going forward to the public vote for the Big Lottery, People’s Millions Fund.

Beechfield Children’s Respite Unit provides short breaks/respite care for children with severe learning disabilities, physical disabilities and or complex health needs within the Co Down area.

The project will be featured on UTV Regional Evening News Programme on Wednesday 27th November 2013, 6:00pm- 6:30pm.

Beechfield’s ‘Play Haven Project’ will create a safe and accessible garden and play area where children, young people and families with learning disability, physical disability and or complex health needs can undertake social and recreational activities. The project will improve the children and young people’s quality of life, stimulate their senses and provide a place for participation and interaction.

Ways you can help support the project to win the public vote:

1. Vote for the project on the 27th November by dialling the voting number ten times.

2. Post information on your facebook page.

3. Post information on your twitter feed.

4. Tell your family, friends, work colleagues or anyone you know to vote for the project.

5. Show support for the project on the People’s Millions website:

6. Watch the feature on UTV Regional News Programme on 27th November and vote.

7. Volunteer on the 27th November to help drum up local votes.

8. Follow and Like Praxis Care on Facebook & Twitter.

Samuel Shevlin is 7years old and has to come to Beechfield for respite care.

Samuel suffers from Di George Syndrome , which, like autism, is a spectrum disorder and is a lifelong condition. The condition causes him to have general developmental delay, low immunity and a heart defect.

Samuel loves being outside and as you can see from the picture loves to have the opportunity to climb however at present we can’t offer a play area for him.

Samuel’s condition causes him to need constant supervision when outside as he has no awareness of danger and can at times be unsteady on his feet. An enclosed play area would allow him to burn off energy in a safe environment. Samuel would be able to develop his muscle tone, overall balance and coordination through daily play.

Samuel and his friends at Beechfield Respite Unit can’t play outdoors as the area is not fit for purpose and they find it difficult to cope with crowded public playgrounds due to the degree and level of their disabilities which can limit their access for interaction, play and participation.

The ‘Play Haven Project’ would give Samuel and the children at Beechfield the opportunity to play safely outdoors without the fear of ridicule or distress.

Please support the Beechfield’s ‘Play Haven Project’ and give children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and or complex health needs the same opportunity to play as other children.