Bangor Cadets Meet the Big Guns

Cadet Leading Hand Adam Norman and Cadet Sergeant Major Connor Graham, both from Bangor, were equally enthusiastic.

Connor said, “Many of the teachers and community leaders who attended the Hillsborough event were very familiar with the Cadet movement, and they certainly knew a lot about the opportunities it provides for fitness, sport and outdoor adventure training, as well as personal development.  We were keen to tell them about the opportunities that Cadets have to earn valuable qualifications and achievements that will enhance your Personal Statement when you apply for university or improve your CV when you’re looking for a first job.”

Adam added, “The most important thing about Cadets is that it’s enjoyable: a great way to make friends and expand your horizons!  Parents like it too - and not just because it stops their sons and daughters moaning about being bored!  I think they like the fact that all those great Cadet activities are either free or very low cost!

“One of the best things about being a Cadet is that your weekends need never be dull: you get to do some really interesting things … like attending a Royal 21 Gun salute at Hillsborough Castle!”