Abaana Sleep Out

Last weekend over 20 BGS boys slept out on the streets of Bangor to raise money for Abaana, and the street kids that they work with in Kampala. Many of the boys had met these kids last summer on the school trip to Uganda but all the boys knew the difference that the money raised would make to these kids so even though some had not been out to Kampala they were still very keen to take part. The weather was awful but the spirits were high even when many woke up tired, wet and very cold on the Sunday morning. Sam McCullough, Curtis Irvine and Thomas Kane spent from 7pm on Friday till Sunday afternoon living on the streets, when all the boys were allowed to bring were warm clothes and a sleeping bag, as all the food had to be donated. It was a great effort and Curtis and Thomas have managed to raise over £1000 between them by doing this.