Abaana New Life Choir

On Tuesday 28th March the Abaana New Life Choir came into school to spend the day with us. They spent time having lessons, playing musical instruments in Music and taking part in games organised by the Uganda 2015 team and they also came into the Atrium at lunchtime and sang a few songs for the boys.

That night the choir put on a very energetic performance for us in front of an audience of over 250 people singing in different languages and dancing through each song. Their enthusiasm was infectious and they soon had the audience transfixed and clapping along. Abaana showed a video of the school BGS funded and helped to build in Coo Rom in Gulu Northern Uganda showing the school before we helped and after the building work had been completed. It was very moving to hear the whole school at the end of the video shout out a big thank you to us for helping to build the school. Two of the choir members were from Coo Rom Bangor Grammar School and they were interviewed by Scott Baxter, the founder of Abaana, and they also said a big thank you to the school for all our help.

Their energy, their smiles and their love of singing made it a fantastic evening and one that will not be forgotten in a hurry!