A Level Success

At A2, 70% of the boys achieved three C grades or better. Of our subject entries, 71% were at A* - B. 18 achieved straight A grades at A2, with 6 of these achieving 4 and one 5. Pride of place must go to Stephen Geddis, who gained four A* grades and full marks in 16 of the 24 modules he sat over both AS and A2, Bryn Morris who had three A*s and Alasdair Winter who achieved five grade As, two of them starred. Stephen is going to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge to read Natural Sciences while Bryn and Alasdair are going to St Andrew’s to read Chemistry with Maths and Physics respectively.


The boys who achieved four As, apart from Stephen and Alasdair, were

Rijoe Abraham

Andrew Jackson

Drew Magowan (including one A*)

Paul Shields (including one A*)


And those who gained three A grades or better, apart from Bryn, were

Josh Burton

Alex Caskey (including two A*s)

Keith Hooks

Kristopher Jones (including one A*)

Daniel Lewis (including one A* and an additional B)

Scott Marks

Abel McNamara (including one A* and an additional B)

Richard Stockton

Daniel Watts

Lee Williams (including one A* and an additional B)

David Wood (including one A*)


At AS, with over 70% achieving three Cs or better, 63.5% of subject entries were at A-B and 80% A-C. 32 boys gained 3 A grades or better and, of these, 13 gained 4.


Those who gained four As were

Philip Anderson

Aaron Andrews

Andrew Beech

Timothy Crothers

Luke Dornan

Thomas Humphreys

Philip Johnston

Matthew Kennedy

Kyle Martin

James McAlister

Aaron Nugent

Conor O’Boyle

Jake Onyekwelu


And gaining three were

Jordan Cobain

Patrick Davison

Sam Donaldson

William Foote

Luke Garbutt

David Geary

Matthew Girvan

Callum Gray

Darren Kelly

Rory Mawhinney

Michael McBride

Billy Muir

Daniel Nicholls

Philip Nixon

Andrew Pach

James Pollard

Andrew Weir.


Congratulations to all our boys for their success!