£8,500 raised to fund Anniversary Ugandan Project

Today in Senior Assembly, Craig McDowell of the Lower Sixth Form presented to Scott Baxter, representing Abaana, a cheque for £8,597.43, the first instalment of the target figure of £16,000 needed to fund building materials for the school's anniversary project.  Abaana is a local Bangor charity which funds and directs a number of projects in Uganda. This summer, as part of the school's sesquicentenary (150th) anniversary celebrations, a group of senior pupils and staff will be going out to build a new primary school 20 miles north of Kampala, the nation's capital. The pupils are individually raising money to pay for their own travel, but the school is raising the funds required to provide all the materials for four new classrooms. Out of the proceeds of the Sponsored Walk, £7,000 has been dedicated to the project, while a further £1,500 has been raised by senior pupils who participated in the Fast4Africa over Christmas. The proceeds of the carol services before Christmas, presently amounting to £3,500, will be added to the fund later.
In his speech to the senior school, Scott outlined the rationale behind the building of the school. "Give a man a fish," he said, "and you'll feed him for a day. Give a man a net and you'll feed him for the rest of his life." The school would provide opportunities for untold numbers of Ugandan children and, in time, benefit the whole country.
The photograph shows Craig and Daniel Quee (Year 13), who was the pupil who raised the most money in the sponsored fast, presenting the cheque to Scott. Looking on is Senior Vice-Principal, Dr Peter Moore who has, with others been responsible for the organization of the summer project.