£20,000 raised for Anniversary Abaana Project

The school learned just before last weekend that, through the efforts of the boys, staff, governors and friends, just over £20,000 have been raised to fund the building of a new primary school in Uganda during the summer. This is a project which has been initiated by local charity, Abaana, with whom the school has been in close association throughout the year. A group of pupils and teachers will be travelling to Uganda in July, under the auspices of Abaana to begin the work.
You will find in our archived news previous reports of the success of fund raising this year. Money since Easter has come in through a table quiz organised by Vice-Principal Trevor Magee for the staff, which raised just over £600, and a sponsored fitness project in which virtually the whole of the junior school participated, which raised nearly £1,000.
Thank you to everyone, who helped to achieve this really staggering total - remember the target was £16,000. Think of the lives which will be enhanced because this money!