150th Anniversary Sports Weekend

To celebrate the school’s 150th year, all school sports players are invited to a special celebratory dinner. You are also invited to join a golf outing at Clandeboye Golf Club on 27th May 2007.
As space is limited it is on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Please spread this invitation to the sporting old boys especially those outside Bangor. Anyone who has played in any sports team is invited. We hope you will contact your former team mates and form a table making this a memorable ‘sporting’ occasion.
To help us with our arrangements with the hotel we would be keen to hear from you before the end of January 2007.
We intend to mark the event with a contribution to Clifton Special School.
Yours sincerely NOEL RIDDELL
Organising Committee: N Riddell (Chair), R Clegg, R Parker, E Steele, D Rea, B Styles, W Langtry, C Harte, R Mairs, J V Smith.