Preparation for Adult Life (PAL)


Personal Development Co-ordinator

Citizenship Co-ordinator

Head of Careers

Subject Overview

Through our Preparation for Adult Life qualifications, learners can develop skills while exploring a wide range of areas relevant to them both now and in the future: from cultural diversity and social justice to preparing interviews and improving overall health and well-being. We have developed the specifications to contribute to meeting the statutory requirements for Learning for Life and Work at Key Stage 4.

The qualifications aim to develop personal skills such as self-awareness, personal health and relationships, as well as an understanding of:

  • diversity and inclusion;
  • human rights and social responsibility;
  • equality and justice;
  • roles and responsibilities of parents;
  • work in the local and global economy;
  • social, economic and cultural issues; and
  • personal development.

Key Stage 4

In completing the PAL qualification, pupils will study the modules listed below:


Unit 1: Diversity and Social Inclusion

Unit 2: Democracy and Democratic Participation

Unit 3: Human Rights and Social Responsibility

Unit 4: Equality and Social Justice


Unit 5: Preparation for Work

Unit 6: Business in the Community

Unit 7: Effective Work Practice

Unit 8: Globalisation and the Labour Market

Personal and Social Development

Unit 9: Self-Development

Unit 10: Roles and Responsibilities of Parents

Unit 11: Healthy Relationships

Unit 12: Maintaining Personal Health and Well-Being

Unit 13: Effective Financial Management


Pupils on a flexible Curriculum will complete the Certificate in PAL. (13 Modules)

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