Student Council

The School Council was launched in Bangor Grammar School in 2011. It has become a vital channel of communication, ensuring the pupil body has a voice within the school. Elections are held annually in which members of each year group elect representatives who will best serve the needs of their form class. Two of these ‘class reps’ are then elected onto the council.

The council works in partnership alongside the Principal and her senior management team to discuss, critique and make suggestions to improve aspects of school life. Meetings are held every two weeks with an agenda generated by the members of the council in consultation with their year groups. The views of the council have been sought to help in the decision making process in several areas of school life, some of which are detailed below:

  • The council gave its interpretation of the school hair policy which was then forwarded to the Senior Leadership team.
  • Benn Cudworth, a pupil from Year 12, met with the Positive Behaviour Management Committee and gave his views on how pupils could be awarded more often and more effectively.
  • Council members in Year 13 and 14 met with the Principal to discuss the pros and cons of senior pupils being able to have their lunch off site. After consultation with the council and Senior Leadership team, this policy was enacted in November 2017.

This fostering of a more transparent communication between pupils and staff enables the school to more honestly assess how it can meet the needs of the boys. If you wish to find out more about the work of the council, please consider joining our twitter page which is @BGSCouncil.

M Dickson (Teacher-in-charge)

2017/18 Student Council

Year 14

Jack Duff

James Beattie

Jamie Stewart

Billy Pollock

Conor Johnston

Jamie Parke

Year 13

Harry Ellesmere

Michael Cameron

John Ewing

Oliver Hamilton

James Crawford

David Howard

Cameron Jenkins

Year 12

Joshua Hardy

Benn Cudworth

Year 11

Harry Gibson

Conor Campbell

Year 10

Kristian Campbell

Gabriel Walker

Year 9

Freddie Scott

Felix Arran

Patrick Davis

Year 8

Jules McFall

Shay Ritchie