6th Form


The completion of Year 12 marks the end of a boy’s compulsory schooling. He may then consider the possibility of entering the Sixth Form. This will provide him with a unique and challenging set of opportunities for detailed academic study and for fulfilling involvement in a wide range of activities. The school welcomes into the Sixth Form all boys who are capable of benefiting from these opportunities and who are keen to embrace them.

A Sixth Former will:

  • Benefit from studying 4 subjects (3 in certain circumstances) at AS Level and continuing to A2 Level in 3 or more of these;
  • Make a positive contribution to the wider life of the school through participation in co-curricular activities and through providing leadership and good example to boys in the junior and middle school;
  • Benefit from preparation for higher level education and professional work.

A boy entering the Sixth Form will have an appropriate academic profile. He will have gained 7 or more GCSE grades of ‘C’ or above and at least a grade ‘B’ in those subjects which he wishes to continue studying at AS-level. In some instances a boy who has shown aptitude and enthusiasm for a subject in which he gains a GCSE grade ‘C’ will be allowed to continue studying the subject at AS-level.

In addition to the above, a Sixth Former will have a proven record of industry, co-operation and responsibility. Those admitted into the 6th Form will follow one of two broad paths.

  1. Most students will study 4 AS levels and follow an enrichment program.
  2. For those with a less strong GCSE profile three AS levels will be the norm.

There will be continuous assessment in the first few months of Year 13, leading to a progress report in October (week of concern) which will identify those students who are under performing. Examinations, in January or February of Year 13 will be AS mocks. The end of year examinations will all be externally assessed and will represent half of your final A-level grade. Your performance in these examinations will be used to inform entry into Year 14. All homework and assignments will be integral to the courses undertaken.

A formal report will inform parents of the grades achieved and progress made in the January/February examinations. In some cases specific targets for improvement will be set with students who have underachieved in their AS examinations. In extreme cases boys in their own best interests may be advised to leave.

Our experience would suggest that part-time work can have a detrimental impact on students’ studies. Students must ensure that they manage their work commitments to allow sufficient time for their studies and for relaxation. We would suggest a maximum of twelve hours per week.

It will be a new experience for most students to have designated study periods each week. This time is not allocated for the completion of homework but to enable students to extend their knowledge of their A- level subjects, at the direction of their teachers.

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